Clinical Neuroscience

[The fate of the pituitary graft in the human body]

GÁTAI György1

DECEMBER 22, 1950

Clinical Neuroscience - 1950;3(04)

[In calf hypophyses transplanted into human thymus, progressive necrosis was observed at 7 weeks and complete necrosis at 13 weeks. The necrosis is centrifugal, most pronounced in the central parts of the graftatum. The connective tissue sheath of the pituitary plays a major role in the death of the transplanted material, with the sheathless parts dying the latest. Transplants have only a temporary and partial effect and in the case of serial transplants the effect of surgery is reduced.]


  1. Budapesti Eötvös Lóránd Tudományegyetemi Elme- és Idegkórtani Klinika Idegsebészeti Osztálya



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Clinical Neuroscience

[Debate over nervism]


[The Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Academy of Medical Sciences held a joint meeting in June this year to hold a public debate on nervism. A paper by Comrade Stalin entitled "On Marxism in Linguistics" was published in the Pravda a few days before the meeting.]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Central and paracentral homonymous scotomas in circumscribed lesions of the occipital lobe]


[Description of four cases of homonymous hemianopsia scotoma of different and unusual origin (three paracentral and one central). In one case, electrocoagulation of the occipital polus caused a central hemianopsia scotoma without macular sparing, supporting the principle of unilateral cortical representation of the macula.]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Vegetative nervous system association with the combined use of Cardiazol and Evipan]


[According to Pavlov and his students, inhibition and stimulation interact dynamically within the nervous system. The authors tried to enhance the two processes simultaneously with Cardiazol and Evipan, respectively, and investigated the equilibrium between the two effects. Evipan also prevents Cardiazole from causing seizures, elevating blood pressure and heart rate, and inducing psychic excitement. The experiments suggest that both Cradiazole and Evipan act mainly on the cerebral cortex and that their neutralising role would take place there. From the experiments and from the parallel therapeutic experience, it appears that Evipan can also be used as an antiepileptic, especially in status epilepticus.]

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Clinical Neuroscience

[The role of sleep in the relational memory processes ]

CSÁBI Eszter, ZÁMBÓ Ágnes, PROKECZ Lídia

[A growing body of evidence suggests that sleep plays an essential role in the consolidation of different memory systems, but less is known about the beneficial effect of sleep on relational memory processes and the recognition of emotional facial expressions, however, it is a fundamental cognitive skill in human everyday life. Thus, the study aims to investigate the effect of timing of learning and the role of sleep in relational memory processes. 84 young adults (average age: 22.36 (SD: 3.22), 21 male/63 female) participated in our study, divided into two groups: evening group and morning group indicating the time of learning. We used the face-name task to measure relational memory and facial expression recognition. There were two sessions for both groups: the immediate testing phase and the delayed retesting phase, separated by 24 hours. 84 young adults (average age: 22.36 (SD: 3.22), 21 male/63 female) participated in our study, divided into two groups: evening group and morning group indicating the time of learning. We used the face-name task to measure relational memory and facial expression recognition. There were two sessions for both groups: the immediate testing phase and the delayed retesting phase, separated by 24 hours. Our results suggest that the timing of learning and sleep plays an important role in the stabilizing process of memory representation to resist against forgetting.]

Lege Artis Medicinae

[History of vaccine production in Hungary ]


[This study presents the complete history of the Hungarian vaccine production, partly in association with the process of fighting vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, and underlines the fact that every government actively contributed to the age-adjusted mandatory vaccination schedule of the past 140 years. It demonstrates the various achievements from the smallpox lymph production through the launch of diphtheria serum production at Phylaxia and the establishment of the National Public Health Institute (OKI) with its vaccine production and the later institutional transformation of OKI into Humán as economic corporation to its closure. Among all OKI’s vaccine production activities, this study focuses on the production of influenza vaccines, due to its international importance in the 1960s and 1970s. The vaccine production against diphtheria tetanus and pertussis stands out from Humán’s activities, and the tetanus component of this vaccine is still used in the products of a multinational vaccine manufacturer. ]

Lege Artis Medicinae

[The Great Acceleration]

BRYS Zoltán

Journal of Nursing Theory and Practice

[Identifying osteoporosis in a primary care setting with quantitative ultrasound]

HIRDI Henriett Éva, SZOBOTA Lívia

[Osteoporosis is one of the most under-diagnosed and under-treated health conditions. In recent decades, several risk indices have been developed to identify women at risk for low bone mineral density (BMD) who require a BMD test. This study aimed to demonstrate that quantitative ultrasound bone density measurement can indeed be performed simply by nurses working in primary care, which can significantly facilitate early detection of osteopenic and osteoporotic conditions. Method: The medical records of all patients who had an ultrasound of the left heel using the quantitative heel ultrasound machine between March 2021 through December 2021 were reviewed retrospectively. The subjects were 20-64-year-old adults (N=1032). Calcaneal quantitative ultra­sound parameters were registered with Sonost-2000 bone densitometer. The body composition was measured using a multi-frequency segmental body composition analyzer. The measurement results were evaluated with SPSS 22.0 statistical program and descriptive statistics. The mean age of the population studied was 43.12±9.6 years; 29.7% were men and 70.3% were women. Of the women in our study, 2.4% were osteoporotic (T ≤ −2.5), and 49.86% were classified as osteopenic according to the WHO operational definition. Osteopenic values were measured in 32.35% of men. A total of 273 subjects (26.45%) in the study sample were in the 50-64 age group (223 women and 50 men). 4% of women over the age of 50 had osteoporosis and 63.7% had osteopenia. Rating of the OST score no one was placed in the high-risk group. Of the 9 women with osteoporosis, 8 were classified as low-risk and 1 as medium based on OST. Nurses in primary care are able to identify key risk factors for osteoporosis, examine the measurement with quantitative ultrasound, and identify individuals with the disease. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

Neuroscience highlights: The mirror inside our brain

KRABÓTH Zoltán, KÁLMÁN Bernadette

Over the second half of the 19th century, numerous theories arose concerning mechanisms involved in understanding of action, imitative learning, language development and theory of mind. These explorations gained new momentum with the discovery of the so called “mirror neurons”. Rizzolatti’s work inspired large groups of scientists seeking explanation in a new and hitherto unexplored area of how we perceive and understand the actions and intentions of others, how we learn through imitation to help our own survival, and what mechanisms have helped us to develop a unique human trait, language. Numerous studies have addressed these questions over the years, gathering information about mirror neurons themselves, their subtypes, the different brain areas involved in the mirror neuron system, their role in the above mentioned mechanisms, and the varying consequences of their dysfunction in human life. In this short review, we summarize the most important theories and discoveries that argue for the existence of the mirror neuron system, and its essential function in normal human life or some pathological conditions.