Clinical Neuroscience

Since 1947, Clinical Neuroscience has provided for the publishing of clinical neurological papers in Hungarian in order to preserve and improve the technical mother tongue for both Hungarian and non-Hungarian authors. In addition, publications in English facilitate integration into the international scientific life. The objective of this journal is to display the widest range of clinical neurological sciences, and to provide a space for publishing on the highest professional levels. By presenting various pathologies using a novel approach or by describing evidence-based therapies, it endeavours to serve good clinical practices. It also provides space for presenting and first publishing cutting-edge preclinical and experimental findings. With the above, Clinical Neuroscience wishes to offer the highest level forum within the frameworks of clinical neurology for the scientific and professional collaboration and joint thinking between authors and readers.

The aim of Clinical Neuroscience (Ideggyógyászati Szemle) is to provide a forum for the exchange of clinical and scientific information for a multidisciplinary community. The Clinical Neuroscience will be of primary interest to neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrist and clinical specialized psycholigists, neuroradiologists and clinical neurophysiologists, but original works in basic or computer science, epidemiology, pharmacology, etc., relating to the clinical practice with involvement of the central nervous system are also welcome.

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Manuscript submission: The method of submitting manuscripts by e-mail, by sending a cover letter to dr. Tibor Kovács to the editor-in-chief: kovacs.tibor (at) or to the clinical.neuroscience (at) email address. Instuction for authors.

Published bimonthly.

Editor-in-chief: János Tajti, MD, PhD, DSc

Managing Editor: Tibor Kovács (MD, PhD)

Assistant Editor: Hornyák Csilla

Official journal of the
Hungarian Neurological Society,
Hungarian Neurosurgical Society,
Hungarian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology,
Hungarian Society of Child Neurology,
Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology,
Hungarian Epilepsy League,
Horányi Béla Clinical Neuroscience Society,
Hungarian Stroke Society
and Hungarian Neuroscience Society

Editorial Board
László Csiba (Hungarian Neurological Society)
Tünde Csépány (Hungarian Neurological Society)
Péter Banczerowski (Hungarian Neurosurgical Society)
Sándor Szabó (Hungarian Neurosurgical Society)
István Fekete (Hungarian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology)
Anita Kamondi (Hungarian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology)
Katalin Hollódy (Hungarian Society of Child Neurology)
Zsuzsa Siegler (Hungarian Society of Child Neurology)
Péter Barsi (Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology)
Lajos Rudolf  Kozák (Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology)
Dániel Fabó (Hungarian Epilepsy League)
Délia Szok (Hungarian Epilepsy League)
Katalin Anna Béres-Molnár (Horányi Béla Clinical Neuroscience Society)
András Folyovich (Horányi Béla Clinical Neuroscience Society)
Katalin Sas (Hungarian Stroke Society)
László Szapáry (Hungarian Stroke Society)
János Réthelyi (Hungarian Neuroscience Society)
Norbert Hájos (Hungarian Neuroscience Society)

Advisory editors
Dániel Bereczki (Budapest)
Mihály Bodosi (Szeged)
András Büki (Pécs)
Tamás Dóczi (Pécs)
Tamás Freund (Budapest)
Szatmár Horváth (Szeged)
Zoltán Janka (Szeged)
József Janszky (Pécs)
József Kenéz (Budapest)
András Klauber (Budapest)
Péter Klivényi (Szeged)
Sámuel Komoly (Pécs)
Norbert Kovács (Pécs)
Zoltán Nagy (Budapest)
István Nyáry (Budapest)
László Oláh (Debrecen)
Miklós Palkovits (Budapest)
Annamária Takács (Budapest)
László Vécsei (Szeged)

International Advisory Board
Miklós Árgyelán (Hempstead)
Sándor Beniczky (Aarhus)
József Böhm (Berlin)
György Buzsáki (New York)
Tamás Fekete (Zürich)
Péter Bertalan Forgács (New York)
Zsolt László Illés (Odense)
J. Dezső Jeszenszky (Zürich)
Zsolt Kulcsár (Genf)
Károly Mirnics (Omaha)
Zoltán Patay (Memphis)
Benedek György Pelok (Székelyudvarhely)
Róbert Reisch (Zürich)
László Solymosi (Würzburg)
Szabolcs Szatmári (Marosvásárhely)
László Záborszky  (Newark)

ISSN 0019-1442 (Print)
ISSN 2498-6208 (Online)

Publisher: LifeTime Media Ltd. (Anno Literatura Medica), General Manager: Tímea Cserni