Clinical Neuroscience

[Report on the EEG training course in Marseille ]

WALSO Róbert

DECEMBER 01, 1961

Clinical Neuroscience - 1961;14(12)

[The author reports on the EEG course in Marseille, organized by the International Federation of Societies for EEG and Clin. Neurophysiology" in Marseille from 28 August to 2 September 1961.]



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Clinical Neuroscience

Entwicklung – Reaktion — Prozess

NIKOLA Schipkowensky

In dieser Begriffsbestimmung wird die Untrennbarkeit des somatischen und psy chischen Lebens in den Vordergrund gestellt, was allerdings nicht besagen will, sie seien identisch. Schon dadurch ist aber unterstrichen, dass die Materie das Primäre ist, der Geist — das Sekundäre ; denn Form ohne Inhalt ist undenkbar. Das Bewusstsein, als höchste Form menschlichen Daseins, darf man nicht als ein blosses Epiphänomen seines Organs hinstellen. Die psychische Tätigkeit wird zwar vom Grosshirn geleistet, sie ist aber in ihren Inhalten und in ihrer logischen Gliederung von der objektiven Wirklichkeit deter miniert, deren subjektive Abbildung sie darstellt. Die Definition verweist ferner auf den biologischen Ursprung der menschlichen Persönlichkeit, deren weitere Entwicklung auf der Verbindung von unbedingten Reflexen mit der Er arbeitung kompliziertester dynamischer Stereotypen zeitlicher Verknüpfungen beruht. Schliesslich setzt diese Definition auch die Untrennbarkeit von Psychi atrie und Neurologie voraus : Sie sind einheitliche Glieder der einen medizi nischen Wissenschaft.

Clinical Neuroscience

[On surgical indications for metastases of spinal carcinoma]


[Based on our experience with 40 patients with spinal metastases, we do not refrain from operating on single nodal spinal metastases and paraplegia alone is not a contraindication. The indication for surgery and the expected results depend mainly on the histological and biological characteristics of the primary tumour, the course of the disease and the general physical condition of the patient. Based on the catamnestic evaluation of operated and non-operated patients, surgery can be recommended. Since the severity of compression or paresis is significant in the postoperative outcome, early surgery is desirable. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Multiple sclerosis and generalised reticulosarcoma combined case]

PAPP Mátyás, KIRÁLY Ferenc

[A 63-year-old patient had multiple sclerosis for about 20 years, which progressed in relapses. 8 months before his death, he developed generalized lymph node enlargement. Autopsy and histopathological examination showed generalized reticulosarcoma throughout the body and diffuse soft tissue and perivascular tumour proliferation in the central nervous system. With minor exceptions, the pia-glia membrane inhibited spread into the neural tissue everywhere except in the corpus pinealea, which may be attributed to the specific biological behaviour of the corpus pinealea in the face of pathological processes. In the central nervous system, in addition to the tumoral proliferation occupying the perivascular spaces, we found multinodular marrow neoplasms, which correspond in their location and histological features to old multiple sclerosis foci. On the basis of the histological picture and the clinical course, the described case must be considered as an accidental encounter of two separate diseases. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Rare symptom of cervical vertebral chordoma]


[A 60-year-old man with a cervical chordoma, the clinical picture of which was fluctuant and the diagnosis of which could only be clarified by histopathological examination. Contrary to previous literature, reactive marginal sclerosis was detected in vertebra C III, with the chordoma as the primary cause. This case confirms the phenomenon that the clinical picture of vertebral chordoma is atypical and thus difficult to diagnose clinically. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Spiractin electroencephalography tests]


[Studies with Spiractin have shown that: 1. in addition to its effect on the respiratory center, it has an excitatory effect on the diffuse activating system of the brainstem. 2. it can be used as a provoking agent in electroencephalography of patients with epilepsy (especially in children). 3. It may also occasionally cause generalized seizures, which should be kept in mind in cases of epilepsy.]

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Clinical Neuroscience

Late simultaneous carcinomatous meningitis, temporal bone infiltrating macro-metastasis and disseminated multi-organ micro-metastases presenting with mono-symptomatic vertigo – a clinico-pathological case reporT

JARABIN András János, KLIVÉNYI Péter, TISZLAVICZ László, MOLNÁR Anna Fiona, GION Katalin, FÖLDESI Imre, KISS Geza Jozsef, ROVÓ László, BELLA Zsolt

Although vertigo is one of the most common complaints, intracranial malignant tumors rarely cause sudden asymmetry between the tone of the vestibular peripheries masquerading as a peripheral-like disorder. Here we report a case of simultaneous temporal bone infiltrating macro-metastasis and disseminated multi-organ micro-metastases presenting as acute unilateral vestibular syndrome, due to the reawakening of a primary gastric signet ring cell carcinoma. Purpose – Our objective was to identify those pathophysiological steps that may explain the complex process of tumor reawakening, dissemination. The possible causes of vestibular asymmetry were also traced. A 56-year-old male patient’s interdisciplinary medical data had been retrospectively analyzed. Original clinical and pathological results have been collected and thoroughly reevaluated, then new histological staining and immunohistochemistry methods have been added to the diagnostic pool. During the autopsy the cerebrum and cerebellum was edematous. The apex of the left petrous bone was infiltrated and destructed by a tumor mass of 2x2 cm in size. Histological reexamination of the original gastric resection specimen slides revealed focal submucosal tumorous infiltration with a vascular invasion. By immunohistochemistry mainly single infiltrating tumor cells were observed with Cytokeratin 7 and Vimentin positivity and partial loss of E-cadherin staining. The subsequent histological examination of necropsy tissue specimens confirmed the disseminated, multi-organ microscopic tumorous invasion. Discussion – It has been recently reported that the expression of Vimentin and the loss of E-cadherin is significantly associated with advanced stage, lymph node metastasis, vascular and neural invasion and undifferentiated type with p<0.05 significance. As our patient was middle aged and had no immune-deficiency, the promoting factor of the reawakening of the primary GC malignant disease after a 9-year-long period of dormancy remained undiscovered. The organ-specific tropism explained by the “seed and soil” theory was unexpected, due to rare occurrence of gastric cancer to metastasize in the meninges given that only a minority of these cells would be capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. Patients with past malignancies and new onset of neurological symptoms should alert the physician to central nervous system involvement, and the appropriate, targeted diagnostic and therapeutic work-up should be established immediately. Targeted staining with specific antibodies is recommended. Recent studies on cell lines indicate that metformin strongly inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition of gastric cancer cells. Therefore, further studies need to be performed on cases positive for epithelial-mesenchymal transition.

Clinical Neuroscience

Atypical presentation of late-onset Sandhoff disease: a case report

SALAMON András , SZPISJAK László , ZÁDORI Dénes, LÉNÁRT István, MARÓTI Zoltán, KALMÁR Tibor , BRIERLEY M. H. Charlotte, DEEGAN B. Patrick , KLIVÉNYI Péter

Sandhoff disease is a rare type of hereditary (autosomal recessive) GM2-gangliosidosis, which is caused by mutation of the HEXB gene. Disruption of the β subunit of the hexosaminidase (Hex) enzyme affects the function of both the Hex-A and Hex-B isoforms. The severity and the age of onset of the disease (infantile or classic; juvenile; adult) depends on the residual activity of the enzyme. The late-onset form is characterized by diverse symptomatology, comprising motor neuron disease, ataxia, tremor, dystonia, psychiatric symptoms and neuropathy. A 36-year-old female patient has been presenting progressive, symmetrical lower limb weakness for 9 years. Detailed neurological examination revealed mild symmetrical weakness in the hip flexors without the involvement of other muscle groups. The patellar reflex was decreased on both sides. Laboratory tests showed no relevant alteration and routine electroencephalography and brain MRI were normal. Nerve conduction studies and electromyography revealed alterations corresponding to sensory neuropathy. Muscle biopsy demonstrated signs of mild neurogenic lesion. Her younger brother (32-year-old) was observed with similar symptoms. Detailed genetic study detected a known pathogenic missense mutation and a 15,088 base pair long known pathogenic deletion in the HEXB gene (NM_000521.4:c.1417G>A; NM_000521:c.-376-5836_669+1473del; double heterozygous state). Segregation analysis and hexosaminidase enzyme assay of the family further confirmed the diagnosis of late-onset Sandhoff disease. The purpose of this case report is to draw attention to the significance of late-onset Sandhoff disease amongst disorders presenting with proximal predominant symmetric lower limb muscle weakness in adulthood.

Lege Artis Medicinae

[Focus on Lege Artis Medicinae (LAM)]

VASAS Lívia, GEGES József

[Three decades ago, LAM was launched with the goal of providing scientific information about medicine and its frontiers. From the very beginning, LAM has also concerned a special subject area while connecting medicine with the world of art. In the palette of medical articles, it remained a special feature to this day. The analysis of the history of LAM to date was performed using internationally accepted publication guidelines and scientific databases as a pledge of objectivity. We examined the practice of LAM if it meets the main criteria, the professional expectations of our days, when publishing contents of the traditional printed edition and its electronic version. We explored the visibility of articles in the largest bibliographic and scientific metric databases, and reviewed the LAM's place among the Hun­ga­rian professional journals. Our results show that in recent years LAM has gained international reputation des­pite publishing in Hungarian spoken by a few people. This is due to articles with foreign co-authors as well as references to LAM in articles written exclusively by foreign researchers. The journal is of course full readable in the Hungarian bibliographic databases, and its popularity is among the leading ones. The great virtue of the journal is the wide spectrum of the authors' affiliation, with which they cover almost completely the Hungarian health care institutional sys­tem. The special feature of its columns is enhanced by the publication of writings on art, which may increase Hungarian and foreign interest like that of medical articles.]

Journal of Nursing Theory and Practice

[Operational Efficiency Investigation from APN Perioperative Perspective]


[In the healthcare system operating theatres have to put great emphasis on quality work, patient safety and efficiency as well, and to achieve this, optimal utilization of theatres is extremely important. The results of researches in this topic in Hungarian and international literature draw attention to a lot of aspects. The study of perioperative periods, and the evaluation of the analysed processes show that theatres could be operated more effectively. As a result of this, more operations could be carried out and waiting time would also reduce. In order to increase the efficiency of the processes, APNs can play a prominent role at several points. According to the experience, the number of people using health care and the number of people waiting for surgery is increasing, which is further increased by the development of the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic. Thereby, patients are not satisfied with the service. The work of APNs would also help increasing the contentment of patients during the operation procedures. Taking advantage of the multifunctional role of the nurse due to her knowledge and training, she actively participates in the operation, in the smooth running of the scheduled daily surgical program and contributes to the reduction of the number of missed, planned surgeries.]

Journal of Nursing Theory and Practice

[Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge of Surgical Wound Care, Complications and Knowledge of Bandages]


[Aim of our research was to assess the knowledge of nurses working in surgical departments about surgical wound treatment, phases of wound healing, its complications, and intelligent bandages. Our quantitative, cross-sectional, descriptive examination was carried out in a hospital in Transdanubia with non-random, expert sampling and a self-made questionnaire. Our target group was nurses working in the surgical departments of the hospital (N=85). During the data analysis, the descriptive statistical methods of MS Office Excel 2016 software were calculated: mean, standard deviation, frequency. A χ2-test was used to examine the relationship between variables (p <0.05). Knowledge of bandages was not affected by educational attainment (p>0.05). Those who perform wound care in their daily work have more knowledge about the wound treatment sequence of the wounds that are primarily healing, as well as about intelligent dressings (p<0.1). For the classes, there was a significance for the recognition of complicated wounds, knowledge of the benefit of the absorbable suture and the use of analgesic procedures (p<0.001). In the interests of patient safety, nurses’ knowledge of wound treatment needs to be continuously improved. It is necessary to provide an accessible source of information and further training.]