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[Olympic Games]


SEPTEMBER 19, 2008

Lege Artis Medicinae - 2008;18(08-09)



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[The Discovery of Insulin]


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[“It is Important to Transmit the Message...” An Interview with Professor Gábor Pavlik by Elemér Nemesánszky]


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[What Cannot be Learned from the Books]


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[The Self-Healing Art of Frida Kahlo]

OLÁH Szabina

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[The History of Prosthetics from the Beginning until Today]


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[Board Games in Medical Training ]


Journal of Nursing Theory and Practice

[Can be taught first aid for children 5-6 years old?]

BÁNFAI Bálint, RADNAI Balázs, MARTON József, PÉK Emese, DEUTSCH Krisztina, BETLEHEM József

[Aims of the study: Basic Life Saving Activities should be thought in early childhood in order to base helping aptitude for adulthood. The authors’s aim was to teach kindergarten children for basic first aid duties and than to examine their results. Sample and methods: 51 children were involved in the survey. There was two sessions with theoretical and practical games about first aid. On the third session children were tested about their skills and one month later re-tested. The statistical analyses were made with SPSS 17.0 software. Results: The maximum point of the test was 38 points. The average point of the first test was 16,94 points and the re-test score was higher. The difference between the results was significant (p<0,05). The results showed attitudinal differences between boys and girls (p<0,05). Conclusions: The 5 and 6 years old children of kindergarten can learn the basic concepts. ]

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[Lucky source of money]

[In creating the Gambling Act, Parliament decided that the lottery and the lottery, casinos, bingos, bongos and other proliferating games of chance to the permanent losers of the central budget - health, social policy, culture, education and sport. This is no small sum, with some HUF 1.2 billion available this year alone for the Gambling Fund set up by Szerencsejáték Rt.]

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[The age of transplantation]


[During the last week of August, Budapest hosted the 8th World Organ Transplant Games, or in 11 simple words, the Transplant Olympics. Two years ago, the seventh edition was held in Singapore, when our country was awarded the right to host the event. The Hungarian participation in Singapore was supported by the National Institute for Health Protection and its predecessor, the National Institute for Health Education, and the Health Protection Fund. Even then, there were - and there are certainly still - those who objected to this. The debate is eternal. Why should we spend relatively large sums of money on a few people travelling to far-flung places to play sport and compete, and why should we not spend the money on ensuring that many people at home can enjoy the pleasure and benefits of physical exercise.]

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[National game fund]

[The list of applicants who have been awarded non-refundable or refundable grants from the Fund, based on a decision of the Minister of Finance, following a proposal by the National Games Council at its meeting in March 1994, is set out below.]