Hungarian Radiology

[Dr. Miklós Kéki]

NAGY Gyöngyi

MARCH 22, 2008

Hungarian Radiology - 2008;82(01-02)



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Lege Artis Medicinae

[Csaba Miklós Nemes: Historical chronology and bibliography of saving life, surgical anaesthesia and intensive care in Hungary]


Lege Artis Medicinae

[The old rector is not dead, long live the new one]

KISS Péter

[Well, we understand that, too, and we understand that there should be no lynch mobs, no electoral fraud, if not in a nice, democratic way, as the starry nightmare of a constitutional state demands. The new Rector, Professor Miklós Réthelyi (yes, in the eyes of the students he is such that they can add the word 'Mr' to his name and rank with respect), in other words, in the person of Rector Réthelyi we have installed one of the most popular teachers of the university in the Rector's chair. That is, we would have just put him there, because until Professor Réthelyi's official appointment he had the velvet chair put in the corner of the boardroom. Finally, a rector with a sense of style. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology]

[The Hungarian Society of Neuroradiology will hold its annual congress in Győr, Hungary, between 16-18 October 1997. The congress will be chaired by Dr. Miklós Kéki. ]

Lege Artis Medicinae

[Fire and water]

[Today's political struggles are usually visible in battles over specific issues of the day - more recently in the form of street demonstrations. Those who read the newspapers can only read about the uproar over the dismissal of Hankiss, Gombár, G. Pálffy, the obstruction of Miklós Izsó's mandate as a member of parliament, the removal of printing house directors and bank presidents. ]

Hungarian Radiology

[Miklós Barta (ed.): Atlas of ultrasound diagnostics]