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MARCH 20, 2009

Hungarian Immunology - 2009;8(01)



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Hungarian Immunology

[Diagnosis and treatment of the Raynaud-syndrome]

CSIKI Zoltán

Hungarian Immunology


Hungarian Immunology

[DROP2 - Interdisciplinary forum among rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, hematologists and oncologistsScientific program]

Hungarian Immunology

[Features of serum carnitine ester profile in systemic sclerosis]

TALIÁN Csaba Gábor, KISS György Csaba, MELEGH Béla, CZIRJÁK László

[AIMS - Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune disease characterized by vascular abnormalities, fibrosis, inflammatory changes, and late stage atrophy with obliterative vasculopathy. Clinically it has two distinct subtypes, limited (lcSSc) and diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc). Carnitine is an essential metabolite with ester forming capability. We investigated the possible relationship between carnitine metabolism and systemic sclerosis, stratified by disease subgroups. PATIENTS AND METHODS - We performed comparative measurements of carnitine profile in 107 systemic sclerosis patients (78 lcSSc and 29 dcSSc) and 47 healthy controls using triple quadrupol ESI mass spectrometry. RESULTS - C2-, C3-, C8-, C10:1- and C10-carnitine ester levels were moderately decreased in the serum of the patients, while C5- and C6-carnitine ester concentrations increased in both types of the disease compared with controls; as a summary, these changes altogether led to reduced total carnitine ester concentrations. Free carnitine level remained unaffected. CONCLUSIONS - These results show that both types of SSc have a moderate influence on shortand medium chain carnitine ester metabolism, but likely do not affect the quantity of the free carnitine reserves.]

Hungarian Immunology



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["I notice that the parties have been deflated on the social security issue. The best election manifestos could be competed: on the future of social security, its fate, its self-government. I would urge the parties to debate these issues again and again, asking new questions." - said independent MEP Károly Eke. There have been many reports about tensions between the new players in health and social policy and the old ones - the OTF and the Ministry of Welfare. Accordingly, the unusually large number of experts and ministry and social security leaders gathered to hear the first report of the Health Oversight Committee was tense. ]

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