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2011. SZEPTEMBER 27.

The Emperor’s New Drugs

Kirsch could prove that expectancies and the automatizes bound to them play a key role in the placebo phenomenon, known in medicine and used in the pharmacological trials in order to separate real effects from psychological reactions, which manifest themselves very often in the clinical settings. His attention was focused on the phenomenon of active placebo, a term related to the common observation that if patients feel some bodily or mental changes after...

Ideggyógyászati Szemle

2006. MÁRCIUS 30.

A bazális ganglionkárosodások funkcionális konzekvenciái


Basal ganglia are large subcortical nuclear masses that are interconnected with all cortical areas, and that receive updating (via thalamus) from most of the pathways leaving and targeting the cortex. This strategic position enables the basal ganglia to play a leading role in the synchronization of a wide range of central nervous system functions.