Clinical Neuroscience

Die Psychopathologie und Biochemie der durch anticholinergische Halluzinogene hervorgerufenen experimentellen Psychosen

H. Bultasová1, S. Grof1, E. Horáckova1, E. Kuhn1, K. Rysánek1, V. Vitek1, M. Vojtechovsky1

AUGUST 01, 1960

Clinical Neuroscience - 1960;13(08)

B. wurde in einer Dosis von 40-75 mg 12 Versuchspersonen verabreicht, bei deren Mehrzahl es eine Experimentalpsychose vom exogenen Reaktionstypus nach Bonhoeffer hervorgerufen hat. Während des Maximums von psychotischen Veränderungen wurde eine auffallige Senkung der Exkretion der 5-Hydroxyindol-Essigsaure bei der Mehrzahl der Versuchspersonen festgestellt. Die psychotogene Wirkung wird hypothetisch als ein Eingriff in der Serotonin- und Acetylcholin-Metabolismus erklart.


  1. Institut für experimentelle Therapie in Prag 14.,Institut für Ernährungsforschung in Prag 14., Psychiatrische Heilanstalt in Kosmonosy



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Clinical Neuroscience

[Clinical data on hypothalamopathy]


[The author outlines the difficulties of hypothalamic research and its importance in understanding the principle of brain function; he refers to the valuable results of Hungarian literature. He sketches the functional-anatomical relations of the hypothalamus and discusses its important role in the energetic integration.- He classifies the hypothalamic functions into 4 groups: endocrine regulation, - vegetative regulation, - energetic regulation, - psychic organisation; the latter is manifested in affectivity, the formation of consciousness, the neuronal activity of various activating systems, and the formation of personality. In these functions, the bipolarity and rhythmicity of activitas is recognised as a fundamental principle - He discusses the aetiology of hypothalamopathies - His own material includes 50 patients with different aetiologies ; he describes the most typical symptoms, illustrates weight changes, obesity, polydipsia with tables. He reports a patient with traumatic Cushing's disease, severe hypothalamic diabetes insipidus secondary to psychotrauma, and a childhood post-traumatic insipidus episode ; he describes a recent patient with Penfield's epilepsy. In discussing psycho-energetic disorders, he describes hypothalamic-derived poriomania, for which he analyses the pathomechanism of the development of organic psychopathy - He draws attention to a symptom scarcely mentioned in the literature, the rigidity of the inreflexes : it is assumed that the hypothalamus is also involved in the regulation of muscle tone. - Describes the laboratory studies of serology, X-ray, EEG and pneumoenkephalography ; attaches particular importance to the dilatation of the third ventricle - Reports on his research into hypothalamic memory disorders ; no similar literature was found. He concludes that in hypothalamopathy, a severe disturbance of the memory is an obligatory phenomenon (88%), independent of age and aetiology, and that identificalo paramedianism is also common. He considers this phenomenon to be a psychoorganic syndrome of the hypothalamic-temporal lobe functiounit; identificalo paramnesia is an excitatory phenomenon of the hypothalamus, and "hypothalamic hypomnesia" is a symptom of its damage. ]

Clinical Neuroscience


SIMKÓ Alfréd

[The author reports on the Lüneburg Psychiatric Congress, held on 23-24 April 1960.]

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[The well-known gap bet­ween stroke mortality of Eastern and Western Euro­pean countries may reflect the effect of socioeconomic diffe­rences. Such a gap may be present between neighborhoods of different wealth within one city. We set forth to compare age distribution, incidence, case fatality, mortality, and risk factor profile of stroke patients of the poorest (District 8) and wealthiest (District 12) districts of Budapest. We synthesize the results of our former comparative epidemiological investigations focusing on the association of socioeconomic background and features of stroke in two districts of the capital city of Hungary. The “Budapest District 8–12 project” pointed out the younger age of stroke patients of the poorer district, and established that the prevalence of smoking, alcohol-consumption, and untreated hypertension is also higher in District 8. The “Six Years in Two Districts” project involving 4779 patients with a 10-year follow-up revealed higher incidence, case fatality and mortality of stroke in the less wealthy district. The younger patients of the poorer region show higher risk-factor prevalence, die younger and their fatality grows faster during long-term follow-up. The higher prevalence of risk factors and the higher fatality of the younger age groups in the socioeconomically deprived district reflect the higher vulnerability of the population in District 8. The missing link between poverty and stroke outcome seems to be lifestyle risk-factors and lack of adherence to primary preventive efforts. Public health campaigns on stroke prevention should focus on the young generation of socioeconomi­cally deprived neighborhoods. ]

Clinical Neuroscience

[Effective therapy in highly active pediatric multiple sclerosis ]

MERÔ Gabriella, MÓSER Judit, LIPTAI Zoltán, DIÓSZEGHY Péter, BESSENYEI Mónika, CSÉPÁNY Tünde

[Multiple sclerosis (MS) is typically a disease of young adults. Childhood MS can be defined in patients under 18 years of age, although some authors set the limit un­der the age of 16 formerly known as “early-onset multiple sclerosis” or “juvenile multiple sclerosis”, seen in 3-5% of all MS patients. Nowadays, owing to ever-evolving, better diagnostic tools and well-traced, strictly defined diagnostic criteria, childhood MS is showing an increasing incidence worldwide (0.05-2.85/100 000). MS is characterized by recurrent episodes of the central nervous system with demyelination separated in space and time. In childhood almost exclusively the relapsing-remitting (RR) type of MS occurs. Based on experience in adults, the goal in the pediatric population is also the early diagnosis, to initiate adequate DMT as soon as possible and to achieve symptom relief and good quality of life. Based on efficacy and safety studies in the adult population, inter­feron β-1a and glatiramer acetate were first approved by the FDA and EMA for the treatment of childhood MS also. The increased relapse rate and rapid progression of childhood MS and unfavorable therapeutic response to nearly 45% of the first DMT necessitated the testing of more effective and second-line drugs in the population under 18 years of age (PARADIGMS, CONNECT). Although natalizumab was reported to be effective and well-tolerated in highly active RRMS in childhood, evidence based studies were not yet available when our patients’ treatment started. In this article, we report on the successful treatment of three active RRMS patients with individually authorized off-label use of natalizumab.]

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[Cerebrovascular diseases in patients with chronic kidney disease]

KISS István, NAGY Judit

[The reason of the unfavourable life expectancy of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is not only the development of end-stage renal failure but the frequent appearance of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Chronic kidney damage itself is a cardiovascular risk state and the occurrence of CVD/associated diseases is significantly higher in chronic kidney failure. Beside risk stratification and valid treatment of CVD (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease e.g.) we and the international nephrological community have left the cerebrovascular diseases of CKD patients out of consideration. However, up to 50% of patients suffering a stroke will die immediately, only 10% of stroke survivors can continue his/her profession, but the others will be permanently disabled. High blood pressure is a strong predictor of stroke and of other CVD in most of the patients. In stroke risk reduction it is particularly important to reach the target blood pressure values. The main object of the “Live under 140/90 mmHg” programme of the Hungarian Society of Hypertension is to familiarize with target blood pressure itself and how to reach target blood pressure. In 2010, prevention, early diagnosis and management of stroke are the most important challenges of this programme (The Brain Control Programme). We think it is advisable to prepare and publish a clinical practice guideline in collaboration with stroke societies which is similar to the guidelines of international societies and of the Hungarian Society of Stroke but specific for CKD patients. This guideline would help to give a uniform, up-to-date treatment for the cerebrovascular diseases of CKD patients.]

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[Mephistopheles of the human faced psychiatry. Klára Muhi – András Dér: The crazy circles of freedom]

BENKE Attila

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[The endometriosis in the focus]

KOVÁCS Zsuzsanna, VÁRADYNÉ HORVÁTH Ágnes, KOZMANN Krisztina, FERENCZY Mónika, PAKAI Annamária

[Aim of the research was to investigate the deeply infiltrating endometriosis disease perioperative changes impact on the quality of life and on the sexuality. Research and sampling methods: A retrospective, partly longitudinal research, following surgery document analysis (n = 61) and we made a processing of the individually structured questionnaire with standard elements. We used 15D to measure the quality of life and MFSQ standard questionnaire to measure the sexuality (n=44). We calculated relative and absolute frequency, mean, standard deviation, paired t-test, χ2- test, correlation and one way analysis of variance (p<0,05) with the help of the SPSS 22. program. Results: 73.8% of the patients had at least 3 organ with endometriosis involvement and 82,5% were removed by laparoscopic surgery. The length of stay showed an upward turn tendency in the context of the complications (p <0.001). The sample vitality and sexual relations 40,9% were characterized by no complaint and between sexual partners and satisfaction (r = 0.442, p = 0.003) and between orgasm and sexual partners (r = 0.518, p = <0.001) medium correlation were detected. Conclusions: The surgery was efficient in the treatment of the DIE, but there are no detectable correlation the positive perception of sexual satisfaction. ]